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Closed-on-Sunday Chicken Sandwich

DIFFICULTY: 2 of 5 (5 being hardest)

The fast-food chain Chick-fil-A is based here in Atlanta. They’re closed on Sunday for religious reasons. I respect that. But why is it that I crave a Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich almost exclusively on Sundays? Like most food companies, they guard their secret recipe. But it’s a breaded fried chicken breast on a bun with pickles. I figured I could come up with something pretty close.

Grilled Pork Steak with KC-Style Barbecue Sauce

DIFFICULTY: 1 of 5 (5 being hardest)

Pork steak is basically a bisected shoulder blade that still has the bones. It has a ton of different muscle groups, and they’re all connected by little pieces of fat and connective tissue. The fat and connective tissue melt as the steak cooks, so a pork steak is essentially self-basting. It’s one of the most idiot-proof cuts you could ever throw over a fire.

Chili Slaw Dawgs

DIFFICULTY: 1 of 5 (5 being hardest)

When my mom was pregnant with me, she craved hot dogs from The Varsity, a fast-food institution in Atlanta. She ate Varsity dogs for nine months straight. My aunt Pat even brought her a Varsity dog at the hospital right after I was born. Those chili dogs are in my blood.

Gussied-Up Mac-N-Cheese

DIFFICULTY: 1 of 5 (5 being hardest)

My love of mac and cheese was forged at a very young age. I came to like the crunchy topping of the baked version but the creamy sauce of the stovetop version. This recipe combines the two. I add sautéed andouille sausage and top the whole thing with crumbled potato chips, because that’s just badass.

Baked Hot Wings

DIFFICULTY: 1 of 5 (5 being hardest)

It’s no secret that my all-time favorite junk food is hot wings. I am completely obsessed to the point of absurdity. If I go to a restaurant and wings are on the menu, I feel it’s imperative to order them. I usually don’t make wings at home because who wants to pull out the deep fryer for a quick snack? I thought there had to be a way to make respectable baked wings.