Like most people who love to cook, I’m not a fan of cleaning up! In the restaurant I’ve got a lot of help but at home it’s up to me. I’ve always used Formula 409 (or “The 409” as my mom calls it) so when they asked me to work with them on their “Get Down with Grease Guides” I was more than happy to oblige. These guides are designed to help you plan the perfect party and I’m creating recipes for them.

The first guide is for a “Battle of the Beans Chili Cook-Off” and contains everything you need to organize the perfect chili throwdown. You know I do love chili and this is the perfect season to invite some friends over and let the culinary competition take over! I created recipes for a Texas Style Chili and Sweet Corn Fritters. The chili has an awesome kick and the bacon fat brings it to a whole other level. The sweet corn fritters play really well with a Texas style chili. Check out my recipes here

There will be three guides total in the series and each shows you how to throw parties easily by giving you the recipes, decorating and cleaning tips you need to get started and make clean-up easier. Party more and clean less? I’m in. And thanks to products like Formula 409 you don’t have to fear the fryer, chili splatters or any other kitchen mess.

Yes, Formula 409 paid me but I really use their product.