I love cooking with many different proteins. I became a salmon convert while working in Portland. But, for Cinco de Mayo this year, I’m whipping up a dish with the protein that I may still be best known for – pork. I put a Southern spin on nachos with my recipe, Nachos de Puerco, using shredded pork as a topping.

By now, you also know I’m working with Formula 409® this year to create some fun recipes, as a part of a series of how-to party guides and you can find this recipe in their new Fiesta Feast guide, along with quick tips for entertaining and cleaning. Which is great, considering Cinco de Mayo is a Monday this year, so the fiesta fun has got to be simple. Luckily, with all these tips and some Formula 409®, which cuts through even seriously greasy kitchen messes quickly, there’s no reason not to party.



Yes, Formula 409® paid me, but I’ve been using their product for years.