College bowl games are over (sadly), but now I’m getting geared up for the professional playoffs. I am really into tailgating and game-watching party recipes, but a lot of times you see the same old recipes show up at all parties. You know I’m all about putting an original spin on things, so I created a recipe for Candied Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers: smoky bacon + melted cheese + a sweet candied outside = serious goodness and a unique take on a classic party food. I’m working with Formula 409® this year to create some fun recipes, as a part of a series of how-to party guides and you can find this recipe in their new Big Game Bacon Bash guide.

We’re celebrating the game of pig skin with pig (pun intended)! There’s no better reason to throw a party than football playoffs and Formula 409® went all out on a bacon theme – so you can throw a game-watching party that actually stands out. It’ll give you recipes like mine and great tips on decorating (‘cause you should expend energy cheering for your team, not thinking up ways to spruce up your living room) and, of course, cleaning. I know dreading the post-party clean-up can make me think twice about throwing a party, especially a football party with all us riled up fans (queue the popcorn flying everywhere after each touchdown). It’s nice to know that Formula 409® has got me covered – it tackles even the tough, greasy messes.

Yes, Formula 409® paid me, but I’ve been using their product for years.